Sports Program

Question 1
1. Does participation in sport build character? Why or why not?

2. What are the effects of youth sport programs on the lives of participants and their families? Give an example of your own.

3. What motivates you to participate in sports or working out? Are you intrinsically or extrinsically motivated?

4. “SMART” is an acronym to help professionals remember the critical characteristics of effective goals. Using this acronym, come up with a goal you would like to achieve in your life. I must see that each characteristic is represented in this goal.

S = specific goals versus general

M = measurable goals to monitor progress

A = action-oriented goals

R = realistic; achievable with effort

T = time frame for achievement

Question 2
Writing: Outline Energy Pathways

Follow your teacher’s instructions to submit this assignment.

Write a 300-500 word essay. Provide Three examples of sporting events, or fitness activities, with which you have been involved. Describe what energy pathway was used in that sport or activity and explain why you are matching the pathway with the activity. Try to give an example of all three different pathways.



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