Sports and Finance

Question 1

Choose a specific industry and produce a business report on the factors affecting the management of its Human Resources. The industry and the specific region/country in which it operates must be agreed with your professor beforehand and could, for example, be one of industries suggested below:

1. Hospitality

2. Sports

3. Media

4. Finance

5. Retail

6. Social Enterprise

7. Multi-lateral Agency (MLA)

Question 2

Identify a public quoted company or a private organization which employs more than 100 staff in Sri Lanka, which is or could go through difficulties due to prevailing employee misbehavior or unethical practices. Critically analyze the challenges the organization has at hand in the area of building good ethical workforce, and the causes for staff misbehavior and unethical practices which jeopardizes the organizations reputation.  If you were the head of Human Resources or People & Organization, what would be the recommendation and solution you would make to ensure that these types of risks are minimized.

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