Special Offers

New technology introduced by third-party vendors provides an option for companies to integrate buy now options into social media retailing. Review the case study “Why Strategy is Key for Successful Social Media Sales¬†.” that describes social media decision models for retailers and the effect on brand consideration and actual purchases.

Choose a retailer that began operations within the last 15 years that has a strong online presence. Take a look at the various social media platforms the retailer is using (there should be at least four for this discussion). Explore the retailer’s use of social media at these sites.

  • Describe the customer segment you believe the company is trying to reach (e.g., demographics, lifestyle, behavior, aspirations, income level, education level).
  • Identify some techniques the company is using on their social media sites (e.g., humor, effective visuals, special offers, etc.).
  • Is the retailer using communication strategy only or the added function of immediate purchase?
  • Are the retailer’s techniques effective for the customer segment you have identified? How can it be improved if the techniques lack effectiveness?
  • How does the retailer’s strategy align to social media decision models described in the provided case study?

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