Social Support and Productive Aging

In week four students examined informal supports and informal caregiving, the caregiver burden, and the use of social networks as a means to decrease social isolation, increase mastery, and maintain optimal health status. During week five, students examined the components of productive aging. This week students will complete a journal focused on informal supports and productive aging. This activity will help you learn more about social support and networks and productive aging in a social context.

Within your own words, write a 500 word single-spaced journal entry answering and answering the following:

Discuss at least 3 ways in which informal support systems often change as people age.
Explain how the social exchange theory applies to the use and maintenance of an informal support system. Apply at least two social concepts.
Explain the nature of older adults. Identify 3 social networks and explain why they are important. Apply at least one social theory.
Explain your understanding of productive aging. Integrate at least one social concepts within your response.
For this assignment, you are not required to include sources. You are required to include four subheadings to identify each section, i.e., Informal Supports Systems, Social Exchange Theory, Social Networks, and Productive Aging

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