Social Struggles


Discuss the ways zombies are used in class works.

What do zombies represent? 

How is race used within storytelling about zombies?  

– How are the zombies similar? 

– How are they different? 

-How is blackness used in the film to portray and/or amplify social struggles?  


please ensure that your answer all parts of each question. The answer to each question should be a Minimum of two pages in length. Students are expected to critically analyze and advanced understanding of the major content areas.

1 . What are the major assumptions of classical Criminology? Briefly account for how the classical theories shaped our understanding and response to criminal behavior. 

2. Discuss the routine activities theory and the concept of situational crime prevention. Include in your discussion the five strategies of situational crime prevention efforts. 

3 . Compare and contrast the conflict and consensus views of crime and law and their relevance to understanding of the phenomenon of crime. 

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