Social Development

Question 1

4. Create your Assignment submission and be sure to cite your sources, use APA style as required, check your spelling.


In teams, compose a research-based essay and informational brochure focusing on ‘Direct and Indirect Child Guidance’.

Part 1: Essay

In your essay, provide a comprehensive explanation of the two different types of guidance (direct and indirect), what each entails, and how teachers or caregivers can implement these in the early childhood setting.

Your essay should be 1250-1500 words and should include at least three (3) citations. The sections should be clearly marked with headings so that your instructor knows which points you are addressing. Follow the guidelines for APA writing style. The title page and references page do not count towards the minimum word amount for this assignment.

Part 2: Physical Classroom Model

Create a research-based classroom model (i.e., a visual model of the classroom with identified areas of that physical space and a caption for each part of the room explaining your rationale for where everything is placed). Write a 500-750 word description of each part of the room and explain why you chose that design element as it relates to promoting positive guidance for young children.

Use Word or PowerPoint to design a single page visual layout of an ideal classroom that focuses on creating direct and indirect support for properly guiding children’s academic, social, and behavioral development. Be sure to make this realistic, detailed in terms of including all necessary components in this physical space, colorful, and include a solid balance between text and graphics.

Question 2

In two pages write the lessons from this book, what are the social entrepreneurship challenges that the author faced .

The Book :

High-Hanging Fruit: Build Something Great by Going Where No One Else Will by Mark Rampolla

please use your own words and make it simple sentences .

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