Small Businesses

Question 1

CONSIDER: How to deal with conflict in a work environment and utilizing conflict management styles appropriately.

Unfortunately, you will always encounter conflict in the workplace at some time or another. Knowing how to deal with conflict is very important. For this discussion, research conflict management styles. You will find some variances, but in general, conflict management can be broken down into the following categories: accommodating, avoiding, collaborating, compromising, and confronting.

Describe each of the five conflict management styles in five to eight sentences each. Be sure to include the benefits and drawbacks of that style.

Question 2

a. Describe the main focus of team building from a Leader-Follower perspective.

b. List three activities a leader should delegate.

c. Identify three areas a leader should not delegate

Define concepts, apply to ‘current day’ workplace situation, and use specific examples to explain. All three parts needs to be covered. Please use specific workplace examples to backup your answer. 

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