Show Trend Analysis

The summary outline for two page cases is the following:

I. State clearly the main problem or challenge that management faces and other strategic issues in a paragraph or less.

  1. Do not recite what’s given in the case such as history
  2. Show evidence of the management weaknesses from the case, usually by analyzing the financial statements

II. Strategic Analysis

  1. Strategic Analysis tools:

a. Five forces model,

b. Strategic group map,



e. State the generic strategy and give reason and examples why your company fits this generic strategy

f. analyze the vision, mission, what are the core values, and value proposition,

g. other tools: SWOT, etc

III. Financial Analysis

  1. financial statement analysis
  2. ratio analysis
  3. Graphs and charts are highly recommended to show trend analysis, etc.

IV. Recommendations

1. would you buy this company?

2. would you pursue a career at this company, why or why not?

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