Shakespeare’s Hamlet

Assignment: The final essay in this course requires academic research and a thorough analysis of Shakespeare’s Hamlet. For this essay, students may develop their own research topic to deepen an understanding of Shakespeare’s play.  The following are some ideas to get you started:

  • Use of deception in Hamlet
  • Relationships in Hamlet
  • Hamlet and the use of ghosts
  • Madness and sanity in Hamlet
  • Use of religion in Hamlet
  • Hamlet’s hamartia
  • Exploring the historical context (Elizabethan England)
  • Anything else – you pick a topic you’re interested in and go with it!

Your exploration of a topic should be supported by outside research and evidence from the primary text. In your paper, assume that your reader is already familiar with Hamlet and therefore, does not need a lengthy summary of the primary text (no more than ½ a page in length).  Avoid writing in the first person. You are required to use at least two outside sources (in addition to the primary text) for this paper. Your sources must come from the library resources (books or databases) or other college-level, scholarly works.  No websites may be used unless I have approved the source in advance. There are writing tips and information on how to use library databases in the Important Course Documents and Resources Module on Canvas. You should also use research guides as needed.

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