Servicing Line

13.An experiment  was conducted  to compare  the mean length of time required  for two First  National  Bank of Anchorage  employees to complete  the  paperwork for opening  new  customer  personal  checking  accounts.  Fifteen  customers  were randomly  assigned to each employee and the length of servicing time was recorded in minutes for each customer.

Employee “A”  

Sample Mean=13.3min. Sample Std Dev=4.2 min


Sample Mean=14.5min Sample Std. = 3.4 min

Do the  data  provide  sufficient  evidence  to  indicate  that  Employee  “A”  is more efficient than Employee “B” in opening new customer checking accounts?  Test the null  hypothesis  using  a  ten  percent  significance  level. Assume  the  population standard deviation is unknown.  Use the t-pooled test procedure.

14. Dr. Hillary Clinton, Director  for Apple Computer Systems in Unalakleet, Alaska wishes to estimate  the “population mean age” of full-time  students  enrolled  at  the University utilizing  the  Apple  Computer as  their  primary computer  tool.  She  selects  a  random  sample  of 8 students, and  determines  the sample mean age to be 34.65 years with a sample standard deviation of 12.57 years. Construct  a  ninety-nine  percent  confidence  interval  of the  population  mean  age.

Assume the population  standard deviation is unknown. Use the “t” procedure

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