Service Process

For a manufacturing or service process of your choice do the following:

Please take Volkswagen AG as company! If you can not find enough data, you can also take another company or service (like a restaurant for example), but it would be great if you could work with Volkswagen.

  1. Use relevant operations and technology management tools and techniques to describe it and explain how it supports the organisation’s operations strategy. [30 marks]
  2. Apply relevant tools and techniques to explain how the process performs and evaluate whether it meets its operation’s objectives. [40 marks]
  3. Provide recommendations on how it can be improved and explain any barriers that your recommendations may face. [30 marks]

Criteria for the organisation and process you select:

The choice of both the process and the organisation in which it belongs is flexible and can relate to manufacturing or service contexts.  However, please make sure that the process you select is one that you have some reasonable data for (example: issues associated with timings, performance, number of steps, etc.).

The process you select needs to be sufficiently complex to ensure that there is a detailed application of the relevant tools and techniques.  Therefore, the process needs to:

  •  have at least 10 activities within the process,
  •  be important for the organisation’s strategy, but not necessarily core,
  •  be linked with other organisational processes, e.g. its output is the input to another process, and
  •  require relevant resources.

The focus here is to analyse the process and to explore its impact on the organistation’s performance.

Finally, please remember that you are asked to apply the above to a process, not to an organization! Make sure that everything is well researched and use enough relevant tools and techniques.

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