Service Operations

Overview: The purpose of this activity is to reflect on the role of the reading activity in the context of your professional development and the field of food service management & operations.

Objectives: After completing this exercise, you should be able to:

  • Identify the major themes/concepts presented in the reading.
  • Apply knowledge gained from the article to project on your development as a food service professional.


  1. You should have completed reading before participating in the discussion (Please click and read the PDF file enclosed here in Discussion Board: Try a Little Trendiness 9 Hottest Beverage and Food Trends of 2019.pdf .
  2. In this activity, you are expected to draft a thoughtful, concise response of approximately 200-250 words incorporating the following two questions:
    1. In what ways is the material covered in this article relevant to food service management?
    2. In what ways can you utilize the ideas and tools covered in this reading in your food service management?
  3. Your blog should rely on specific citations from:
    1. the reading
    2. meaningful trends you have personally observed
    3. your own reflection.
  4. Tips for Success:
    1. Suggest some innovative/creative tactics that can be applied in food service management & operations
    2. Ask yourself whether you have supported your contentions



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