Service Description

Assignment: Proposal no less then 5 pages.

In order for your assignment to meet the requirements of a passing paper, it must have at least the following sections in order.


1) Cover page that includes the summary

2) Table of Contents

3) Introduction/Overview

4) Market Analysis

–Demographics of the target market

–Market trends: why is it the right time to offer the service or idea? What gap or need are you addressing in the current market?

5) Equipment/Inventory/Supplies/Materials list (descriptions and/or details of all substantial entries)

6) Proposed procedure—a detailed bi-weekly account of all the work that will be performed up until the business or service is operational.

7) Accounting:

–Balance sheet (all expenses – preexisting capital = asking price)

–5 year projection – Project increase in business and sales to predict when the business will become self-sustaining and when it will turn a profit.

8) Qualifications—a paragraph written in third person about each group member describing their educational and work background.

Optional sections—remember that you are not limited to these. Add whatever section you think will make your proposal more complete.

Conclusion, SWOT Analysis, Product or Service Description, Layout, and any visual (graph, chart, or picture), but remember that ALL visuals must have copy to tell the reader what s/he is to take from the visual.

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