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Question 1

Many times people related innovation to technology. But these two terms are different. However, to innovate / create something new – technological tools might be of use.

What exactly separates these two. You can list them in form of points.

Begin your research by reading the following documents and resources about technology

  • What is a technology? 
  • What is a technology – Full Definition? 
  • Difference between innovation and technology
  • Difference between technological change and innovation? –

  • Question 2

Your aunt contacted you last night. Your cousin, who is 14, wants a Facebook account. Your aunt has heard lots of stories of how difficult it is to protect your privacy on Facebook, and she wants your advice. Research the privacy and security settings on Facebook and create a “User’s guide” for your aunt to work through with your cousin. Make sure you include information on how to remove your cousin from Facebook search results, make contact information private, keep friendships private, adjust Wall posting visibility, set up photo album privacy, customize photo tagging, and explain what personal information should and should not be included on your cousin’s profile.

must be atleast 250 words

no plagiarism

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