Scope of Services

Question 1

You have been hired as an analyst by a food service management company that ranks in the top three in the United States in terms of revenue. The team you work with has been tasked with forecasting the areas of highest potential growth in the food service contract management for targeting by the company. The company would like to target its investment budget for the next several years on one industry segment among the fields of health care, corrections and educational institutions.

Research each of the three fields, and based on your research:

  • Describe the top three companies recognized by the industry in each field.
  • Provide information on the size and scope of services for each of the three segments.
  • Discuss the trends in each of the fields in terms of market growth and/or contraction.
  • Make your recommendation as to which of the fields your team feels holds the greatest potential for your company and offer support for your recommendation
  • 800-1200 words
  • File upload, double-spaced, 12 pt. font, 1-inch margins
  • Limited spelling and grammatical errors with proper APA usage

Question 2

Bittman et al.’s article describes how the current U.S. food system impacts children. Has the quality of life for children been enhanced due to the food system as compared to earlier generations, or has it deteriorated? Provide at least three examples from the article to support your point. Additionally, Fallon’s article discusses the different harmful ways commercial foods are processed. Fallon later states that “to be healthy, we need to prepare our own food…this is the only way to get nourishing foods into our children.” Would adopting a national food policy alleviate the harmful ways that the foods she discusses are processed, or is the processing of foods an unavoidable by-product of a modern society?

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