Scientific Process

Question 1


Find three food labels that illustrate that the food it is representing is a good source of one of the


o Calcium o Vitamin A o Vitamin C o Vitamin D o Iron

Provide only one food label per nutrient (so, don’t have three food labels representing a good source of calcium). Take a picture of the food labels and submit them to the dropbox.

On a separate piece of paper, answer the following questions:

1. What food labels did you provide?

2. Were you surprised that any of the foods were good sources of the specific nutrient? Why

or why not?

3. Is the food naturally high in the nutrient for which it is a good source or was the food


4. What is the difference “enrichment” and “fortification”?

Question 2

1. Based on the scientific process described in the first chapter, what are some tell-tale signs we can look for when deciphering authentic nutritional advice from junk science?

2. Find an online source of some diet fad or trend that highlights skeptical diet claims. (post the link too!)

3. What are your thoughts when you are viewing an infomercial on television about the latest diet trend/body sculpting program? Have you ever personally tried these products. Share your experience.

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