Scientific Magazine

1.Lauren has found the following information during the research process for her informative paper: 

  • A map of lightning strikes in three neighboring states over the last 5 years
  • A scientific description of the conditions in which lightning develops
  • An eye-witness account of a lightning strike
  • A detailed account of a day in the life of a storm chaser

What is the most useful next step in the writing process for Lauren?

a. Conduct her own study of nearby lightning strikes.

b. Develop an organizational plan for these details.

c. Determine how these sources relate to one another.

d. Write an introduction and conclusion for her paper.

2. Which of the following would be most reliable source for a research paper explaining the causes for whale and dolphin stranding during the summer?

a. A published article written by a person who worked on a fishing vessel for 20 years

b. A newspaper editorial discussing the consequences of ocean pollution for wildlife

c. An article from Scientific American magazine explaining new findings from recent studies

d. An interview with a person who saw whales stranding themselves on a local beach

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