Scholarly paper

• Read the article and answer the following discussion questions: Article: Melville, J. L., Reed, S. D., Russo, J., Croicu, C. A., Ludman,E. L., Cockburn, A. L., & Katon, W. K. (2014). Improving Care for Depression in Obstetrics and Gynecology: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Part 1 of Scholarly Paper 
Introduction (5%) (mention about every topic below)
Sampling procedure (20%) 
•?Describe the requirements or characteristics essential for membership in the target population 
•?Discuss the inclusion and exclusion criteria 
Population (15%) 
•?Describe the particular group of individuals 
Refusal Rate / attrition rate 
(concepts and formula and how is refusal rate and attrition rate in this study).
• Discuss the percentage of potential subjects who decide not to participate in a study 
• Discuss the percentage of subjects dropping out of a study after the sample size has been determined based on the sampling criteria 
Measurement Methods (20%) 
•?Discuss stability reliability, equivalence reliability, and internal consistency or homogeneity 
Summary (10%) 
•?Describe the relationships among the concepts population, target population, accessible population, sample, and study elements .
APA / Grammar (10 
Grove, S. K., & Cipher, D. J. (2017). Statistics for nursing research: a workbook for evidence-based practice. St. Louis, MO: Elsevier.



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