Sample Size


A researcher wishes to estimate, with 95% confidence, the percentage of adults who support abolishing the penny. His estimate must be accurate within 5% of the true proportion. Find the minimum sample size needed, using a prior study that found that 34% of the respondents said they support abolishing the penny. Round to the nearest whole number as needed. n=? What is the minimum sample size needed assuming that no prior information is available? n=? 

2. find the indicated probability using the standard normal distribution.

3. find the margin of error for the given values of c,s, and n
c=0.90, s=3.5, n=29

4. find the critical value of Tc for the confidence level c=0.95 and sample size n=29

5. find the margin of error for the given values of c,s, and n
c=0.90, s=2.8, n=81


NOTE: Please ensure that the following source is used in paper and on works cited page:

Keller, L. Kevin & Kotler, Philip. (2012). Marketing management (14th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall

Read the Ritz Carlton case study in Chapter 13 on page 379 in your textbook. Answer the two questions at the end of the study (p. 380). Support your answers with a minimum of one source per question, no more than five years old. Your answer to each question should be approximately 400 words using APA format.

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