Romanticism Period

Page 1: Music in the 20th Century changed dramatically from the 19th Century and the ‘Romantic’ mindset.  In your opinion, what are 3 reasons for the change? Support your position in a 5-paragraph essay.   ~ 300 words.

Page 2: Jazz is an American creation and a cultural bridge in our nation.  In a 5-paragraph essay, list 3 ways Jazz helped break racial divisions in the early 1900’s.   ~ 300 words.

The instructor’s orders on 5-paragraph forms: “Reflection Papers are in the form of a 5-paragraph essay. I will send a prompt responding to some portion of the section. These are opinion/perspective assignments. They will require supported thought. The 5-Paragraph Essay form is a perfect application.

▪ Paragraph 1: Thesis statement with 3 points to unpack

▪ Paragraph 2-4: Support your 3 points with three, 3-5 sentence paragraphs

▪ Paragraph 5: Restate thesis

Remember to answer the prompt–Don’t simply list facts.”

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