Risk Factors

Question 1

For your reflective discussion this week, write a brief summary of your assessment of your risk for CVD: Without giving any information that you do not wish to share—such as actual values–summarize your current risk factors toward CVD. After reading the text units for this week, the provided links and through the results of your own DA, what foods do you believe prevent/delay the onset of CVD? What foods do you eat that might put you at risk? Do you know your blood lipid levels as discussed in your text—primarily cholesterol? Why would knowing these levels be important NOW at your young age?

Finally, what is your thinking on the declining cardiorespiratory levels of young adults in our country? What is the role of nutrition in this decline—or in the reverse as a way to offset this problem?

Question 2

clearly explain the four levels of the causes of malnutrion according to the conceptual framework for malnutrition (UNICEF 1991).

Question 3

We will go as a family to a restaurant to immerse in a cultural food experience. While you are at the restaurant, take note of the atmosphere, the quality of service and food (etc). Once you get home, write a 1 page review of your food experience.

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