Rhyme and Rhythm

Question 1


The assessment should be 1 full page, typed, double-spaced, and should conform to the formatting and content guidelines for the course. It should include a bibliography of the source and follow all punctuation conventions for poems: titles enclosed in quotation marks, not italics, for example. Make sure that the document is free of grammatical and punctuation errors.


In order to complete this assessment, you will need to have read the four poems assigned for this module. These poems were chosen for the different ways in which they engage with specific places in the State. This will be the basis for our approaching them in the assessment.

Select one of the poems to discuss. Using specific language from the text as support, discuss the ways in which the poet is using descriptions of place to reflect the character(s)’s relationship with a particular place. How is the way the place is described indicative of a particular view of that place? What does the description tell us about the emotional or psychological significance of that place? How is the scenery tied to the emotional or psychological state of individuals in the poem? How does this help remind you of a specific SC location? 

Remember that If you do not spend most of the discussion about location, you are not following the assignment. Also note that discussion of literary works is an interpretive process, but it cannot be guided by personal whim or connection to a work. In order to avoid this,do not rely on opinion but, rather, show how the text supports your conclusions by describing things in detail.

Question 2

Write a 3 – 5 page essay analyzing the poem “The Call” by John Pope (1915)

Discuss the following:

1. Rhyme

2. Rhythm

3. Diction

4. Structure

What is the theme of the poem? What does the poem mean? Why did the poet write the poem?

Compare the poem you have chosen with the poem On my First Son by Ben Jonson

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