Return on Assets

Please complete the following assignment for The Walt Disney Company’s analysis using the following links that will provide you with the income statement, the balance sheet, and the statistical information for the firm from Yahoo Finance:

Income Statement:

Balance Sheet:

Key Statistics:

Please calculate out the following for the September 30th, 2017’s fiscal year-end data only:

1. MVA

2. Current Ratio

3. Quick Ratio

4. Inventory Turnover Ratio

5. Total Assets Turnover Ratio

6. Debt-to-Asset Ratio

7. Profit Margin

8. Return on Assets

9. Equity Multiplier

10. The DuPont ROE: Please show all components for the DuPont ROE for full credit. Please review the DuPont ROE in the text.

Please show each component figure for the calculations. Just providing a number answer without showing your work/calculations will result in zero points earned. The best advice is to show the formula, show the component figures of the formula, and then calculate out your answer.

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