Retail Entity

Question 1
Your company is experiencing decline in business because of competition. Your manager thinks they may be able to turn the company around if they can get help from an IT professional on E-Commerce and Mobile Technologies. Assume your company is a traditional retail entity similar to Sears, Macy’s or K-Mart, suggest ways your company can use E-Commerce and Mobile Technologies to increase its visibility and sales. In your discussion, explain what is E-Commerce and Mobile Technology.

No Plagiarism

Follow the APA format and 900 words with 6 citations.

Question 2

  1. Compare Pandora’s original business model with its current business model. What’s the difference between “free” and “freemium” revenue models?
  2. What is the customer value proposition that Pandora offers?
  3. Why did MailChimp ultimately succeed with a freemium model, but Ning did not?
  4. What’s the most important consideration when contemplating a freemium revenue model?

Paper should be no less than one page.



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