Response to an Initial Post

Question description

This post is to respond to another person’s initial post. A follow-up post to your own initial post will not count as a second post. Your post may support or present another view. Whichever approach you take must also be supported by at least outside source.

Your post must add to the conversation. Comments like “good point” or “I agree with you” will result in low marks. This is a discussion board and you are expected to discuss. Support your comments with outside sources.

  • Grammar counts. Use Grammarly when writing your posts.
  • Outside sources should be cited within the comments (Name, Date) and with a proper APA 6 formatted reference at the end.
  • All posts should be respectful and polite.

Rubric for grading

Post 2 (Maximum points: 13)

  • Maximum points: 3 – Post is made during the third or fourth day the discussion board is open
  • Maximum points: 7 – Post is well thought out and exhibits knowledge of the topic
  • Maximum points: 2 – At least one outside source is used and cited
  • Maximum points: 1 – Grammar (1 point will be deducted for each error in spelling and grammar)


One of the many characteristics that make Walmart a successful business is their strategic supply chain practices. Walmart builds fulfillments centers directly catered towards e-commerce. Their e-commerce facilities are designed to cater toward individual items, as opposed to pallets of products that are moved by forklifts and loaded onto trucks. Their facilities built to operate the e-commerce portion of their business, are stocked with at least 500,000 items, which is much larger than their traditional distribution centers. They are comprised of computer-controlled equipment, as well as, human labor. Walmart’s main goal is to have their e-commerce facilities stocked with a large variety of items, so they can package and ship their products more efficiently. I believe that Walmart’s efforts have paid off. I have had only good experiences when ordering from Walmart’s e-commerce store.

Millennials prefer to shop using their mobile devices. This has pushed companies to become more efficient and to find delivery alternatives that can meet customer expectations. Our generation’s desire to shop for the lowest prices online, combined with the desire for free shipping, has steadily chipped away at merchant’s margins. “According to the 2016 UPS Pulse of Online Shopper Study, 48% of shoppers find guaranteed delivery dates important when checking out online.” (Comstock, 2017, para. 8). It is crucial for companies to deliver as promised, in order to build customer trust and loyalty. It is also important for companies to be equipped with the analytical software needed to determine the best carrier services for each particular destination. Returns are also a crucial dynamic that companies like Amazon have worked hard to make efficient. Returns for Amazon are completely self-serve and easy for customers to process. Ensuring an environment of convenience that is user-friendly is an important aspect of a company’s e-commerce supply chain.

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