Rental Company

Yellow Trucking Rental Company advertises the following charges. One way rental of a 15 ft truck is $45 per day, and 37 cents per mile for every mile driven over 500. Tound trip rental for the same truck is $30 per day and, 10 cents per mile for every mile driven over 250.
Gray Trucking Rental Company offers the following rates. One way rental of a 14ft truck is $40 per day, and 18 cents per mile for every ile driven over 300. Round trip rental of the same truck is $20 per day, and 10 cents per mile driven.

a) Place the independent coordinate on the horizontal axis and the dependent coordinate on the vertical axis. Sketch 2 sets of coordinate axes using the axis labels x and y on 1 set, and the miles driven and the earned income on the other set.

B) Sketch a graph of each equation given for the 2 trucking companies.

C) What does the fact that the slope of both graphs is the same tell us about the relationship b/tw the vertical coordinate (the earned income) and the horizontal coordinate (the mileage)?

D) Suppose that the baseline charge was increased for each company, but the price charged per mile driven was held constant. What effect, if any, would this change have on the relationship b/tw earned income and miles driven?

E) Using the equations that you constructed for the 2 trucking business’s calculate the rental cost for a 400 mile round trip for each company.
For each company, construct an equation that represents the mileage driven versus the earned income for a one way trip. Graph each of the equations that your constructed. 

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