Relationship Patterns

1. Focus: (Purpose) Paper demonstrates an in-depth reflection on and understanding of selected concepts presented in the course. Viewpoints and interpretations are insightful and well supported. Clear, detailed example are provide

2. Bloom’s Taxonomy: Student evaluates the concept. (creates new meaning or structure and forms judgments)

3. Main idea: Clearly presents a main idea and supports it throughout the paper.

4. Organization: Well-planned and well-thought out. Includes title, introduction, and statement of main idea, transitions and conclusion. All paragraphs have clear ideas, are supported with examples and have smooth transitions.

5. Content: Exceptionally well-presented and argued; ideas are detailed, well-developed, supported with specific evidence & facts, as well as examples and specific details. Sources are exceptionally well-integrated and they support claims argued in the paper very effectively. Quotations and Works Cited conform to APA style sheet.

6. Style: There is clear use of a personal and unique style of writing, suited to audience and purpose; the paper holds the reader’s interest with ease. Large amounts of specific examples and detailed descriptions.

Grammar & Mechanics: Excellent grammar, spelling, syntax and punctuation.

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