Regulatory Environment

Instructions and guidelines for student presentations:

There is considerable debate over the role of business regulations in a democratic, capitalistic society. Some argue that regulations level the playing field and lead to a fairer and more efficient market. Others argue that regulations often do more harm than good and that, in general, regulations detract from market efficiencies.

In your paper you need to build a case for one (and only one – you can’t have it both ways) of the positions outlined above. Identify and discuss two or three key banking regulations and use the impact of those regulations to support your position. Below are several questions which should be addressed in your paper.

Presentations should be 3 to 5 pages (double spaced) in length, reference appropriate sources. 

The following questions/topics should be covered in your paper:

1. Banking regulations in the United States have generally come in response to economic, social or political upheaval . What were the social, political or economic conditions that were the driving factors for the legislation or regulation cited in your examples? 

2. Were there opposing views? Were these views politically motivated? What were the positions that were in dispute? Provide examples. 

3. How have the controversies and arguments stayed the same (or changed) over the course of time? Provide specific examples. 

4. Have there been any major shifts in attitudes or social conditions that have had an impact on the regulatory environment? Provide examples. 

5. Did the regulations make matters better or worse. Describe how things got better or worse. 

6. What are your conclusions? What does all of this mean – to you and to our society? 

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