Regulation and Policies

Question 1

What are the issues and root causes that necessitates the enactment and/or establishment of Federal, state and local government laws, and the establishment of regulations and policies for access control? Cite such laws, regulations and policies in any one state in USA.

Should respond in about 200-300 words and contain a properly formatted in-text citation and scholarly reference.

Question 2

In approximately 300 words, answer the questions below. Follow APA guidelines.

1. Describe how threat modeling for the low-trust side of an API would differ from threat modeling on the high-trust side of an API.

2. Define and defend your position on a data privacy policy for a hypothetical e-commerce web site.Describe the policy and defend its provisions.

Question 3

For this assignment please write 300-500 words, as well as utilizing proper APA format by discussing the following and their significance to access control.

  • What is Discretionary Access Control (DAC)?
  • What is Mandatory Access Control (MAC)?
  • What is an Access Control List (ACL)?

Please do not attempt to do this assignment before you watched week six live chat session. Further, you must have a minimum of three different in-text citation for this assignment. Each paragraph must have at least four complete sentences.

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