Regulation and Compliance

WEEKLY PAPER and Final paper

Work on your weekly paper. Use APA guidelines.

Final Project  – There is a research paper for this course. We will work on the sections of this paper in our weekly assignments. APA format will be followed for all writing submissions. The topic is based on questions, concerns, or recommendations driven by one of the chapter topics that will be covered in the course. You create the question, then you do the research to support an answer that would add to our body of knowledge on the topic. For this assignment, the student is to select one topic, and then for the next eight weeks write and research about the topic selected. Each week, you will work on the assignment building out the paper. At the end of seven weeks, you will have a research paper which you will submit for the eighth week in a Word Document. Any reference to a text other than the O’Hanley & Tiller Information Security Management Handbook is incorrect. Please see the attachment for text. You must use the Attached Text for the research paper. Any reference to a text other than the attached text is incorrect. This is the sole text for the paper. The chapter topics are in the text attached.

The chapter topics that will be covered in the course are as follows;


Securing the Grid

Network Attacks and Countermeasures 


Security in the Cloud

Getting the Best Out of Information Security Projects

Mobility and Its Impact on Enterprise Security

An Introduction to Digital rights Management

Information Security on the Cheap

Organizational Behavior (Including Institutions) Can Cultivate Your Information Security Program

Metrics for Monitoring

Security Implementations of Bring Your Own device, IT Consumerization, and Managing User Choices

Information Assurance: Open Research Questions and Future Directions

Protecting Us from Us: Human Firewall Vulnerability Assessments 


Service-Oriented Architecture, Managing the Security Testing Process, Security Resilience in the Software Development Life Cycle 


Cloud Cryptography


Identity and Access Management Architecture, FedRAMP: Entry or Exit Ramp for Cloud security? 


Data Storage and Network Security


Information Law, National Patient Identifier and patient Privacy in the Digital Era

Addressing Social Media Security and Privacy Challenges, Compliance, PCI Compliance


Investigations, What Is Digital Forensics and What Should You Know about It? eDiscovery

Overview of the Steps of the Electronic Discovery Reference Model, Cell Phone Protocols and Operating Systems, Categories of Computer Crime.

NOTE: After you have selected a topic from the above chapter topics. You follow the weekly instructions below: 

Week 1 – Select your topic. Explain why you selected the topic and include a theological statement. (250 – 350 words)

Week 2 – What are the key issues about the topic you selected? (250 – 350 Words)

Week 3 – Compare and contrast your topic as it relates to information security management. (250 – 350 Words)

Week 4 – What information security management technologies can be applied to your topic? (250 – 350 Words)

Week 5 – How can you try to resolve the issues of the topic you selected? (250 – 350 Words)

Week 6 – What is the future of this topic in regard to technology? (250 – 350 Words)

Week 7 – What are future issues to be concerned with about your topic? (250 – 350 Words)

1. Turn-in of final project: Week 8 – Finalize your paper, develop an introduction and conclusion for the paper. Submit your paper (2,000 – 2,500 words). Be sure to address each of the following:

Use APA guidelines.

Check your spelling and grammar

Include at least 14 peer-reviewed sources.

Add narrative transitions where appropriate.

Incorporate what you have learned from the weekly Blackboard discussion questions.

Include a Table of Contents.

Include a References section in the back. 

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