Recruitment and Supervision


You are a member within a supervisory management team in your chosen healthcare organisation. You must demonstrate your knowledge of the duties and expectations of a supervisor by completing the tasks below:

Your tasks:

  1. Outline the principal duties and responsibilities of a supervisory manager. Ensure to reference relevant policies and services in your chosen vocational or work environment.
  2. Describe the precautions necessary to safeguard information and/or records.
  3. Analyse and explain the risks for which adequate insurance cover is recommended.
  4. Explain the purpose and importance of maintaining work-related records and provide an example of a work roster.
  5. Prepare a departmental budget based on the figure overleaf. Outline what is meant by contingency spending and how you would include this in a department budget.
  6. Draft a procedures for each of the following areas within your workplace (4 procedures in total):
  • Communications
  • Standards of customer service
  • Recruitment
  • Supervision

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