Recreation Department

  1. Choose a municipality from within Canada. Smaller communities will be easier to find information on. Once you have chosen a municipality please post the name of this municipality in the discussion form on Moodle near top of page. I have named the forum “Municipality”. A Municipality can only be chosen by 1 of your classmates and this is on a first come first serve basis.
  2. Provide an overview of the Recreation/Leisure Department. (Number of employees, positions etc) . and create an organizational reporting chart with the job titles for each of the Recreation staff.
  3. Provide a list of parks, playgrounds, outdoor recreation facilities and indoor recreation facilities that the town/city owns and operates.
  4. Provide an annual recreation budget from the past or current year. What priorities did the municipality have for leisure/recreation in that year? Do you agree with them?
  5. A) Provide an overview of the recreation programs that are run directly by the municipality. Please ensure that the Municipality runs these programs. Contracting out or advertising for non-profit groups is not direct programming.
  6. Do the recreation programs create revenue? Provide examples.
  7. Does the municipality contract out instructors for recreation programs? Provide examples.
  8. Discuss the main non-profit recreation/sports groups and/or commercial recreation businesses that the municipality collaborates very closely with. Describe the relationship between the Municipality and the non-profit organization or commercial business. Do any of these groups utilize the town/city facilities?
  9. Identify the current challenges that the Recreation Department faces in this Municipality.
  10. Identify the future priorities for leisure/recreation within this community.

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