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select a public figure who overcame adversity due to any one of the qualities of spirituality, altruism, or humor. The adverse event should be a personal health condition (mental, physical, or both) the person experienced or a public health issue the person worked to improve. The person can be from any country or time period. Find reliable, factual data that will answer the following questions, and make sure to credit your sources in APA style.

Very concisely, give basic information about the person’s background, with emphasis on life events that may have influenced the person’s decision and/or ability to face the adverse condition.

Describe the adverse condition. Be sure to clearly state what the problem was.

  • Give examples of the person’s actions, preferably from before the adverse event, that testify to their spiritual, altruistic, or humoristic quality.
  • Explain how the person’s spiritual, altruistic, or humoristic quality contributed to resolving the problem.
  • Try to report on any measurable, tangible, or lasting outcomes that were a direct result of the person’s efforts.
  • Give an explanation of why you chose to write about this person and how you might apply this person’s example to your own life.



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