Random Sampling

Question 1

We are all aware of how social media impacts our daily lives. How does it impact the way we perceive situations in our daily lives?

1. Identify a political or social cause important to you

2. What is the purpose of your cause?

3. Who is your target audience?

4. What social media outlet would be best to promote your cause? Explain.

5. Develop a social media outlet based on your cause. Provide a link to your submission.

6. Create key words (at least 5) to support your cause. You can use hashtags or other media methods to showcase your cause.

8. How does social media view the perception of your given cause? Explain.

9. How will you measure success of your cause.

10. Are there other social media outlets that would better promote your cause than the one you chose? Explain.

11. What did you learn from this assignment?

12. Did anything happen with your cause because of your social media push?

Answer the questions in either number form or narrative.

Question 2

Answer these 3 questions in brief and in clear way.

1 -Please compare and contrast the major types of random sampling and non-random sampling. Why is random sampling the preferred method of getting a sample?

2-Explain the benefits and drawbacks to cross-sectional and longitudinal designs.

3-Explain why we need to operationalize (i.e., create operational definitions) for seemingly abstract concepts in the social sciences. Pick a social science variable (e.g., aggression, love, happiness) and operationalize it for a hypothetical study.

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