Racial Discrimination


For Omi and Winant, the State is structured by and structures race — the State is not a neutral State it is a Racial State. Omi and Winant use Gramsci to analyze race and the politics of race in advanced Capitalist society. The Racial State supports the interests and position of the dominant – that is whites. The State also defines and shapes race (as a social category) and sets the terrain for racial struggle. There exists Racial Hegemony — the dominant groups presents its interests as the interests of all and grants subordinate racialized groups concessions, which never touch the essential — white supremacy. In response, people from marginalized racial categories engage in a WofP — challenging race and race categories in civil society (through social movements). This results in — Racial Projects — wherein the mean and terrain of race and racial struggle is altered and rewritten.

We live in a time of crisis — which has multiple fronts and multiple Wars of Position. For those interested in reading and posting about Omi and Winant respond to the following articles using their theoretical insights:

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