Qualitative Research Types

Question 1

Think about an educational situation, whether classroom instruction or administrative (for example, “Some students cannot learn to solve story problems.”). Say that you wanted to explore the situation more closely using one of the qualitative research types.

Referencing the information contained in Mertens, Chapter 8, respond to the prompts below:

  • State the educational situation/circumstance in one to two sentences.
  • Which qualitative research type would you use to learn more about the situation?

Why? (Provide at least two reasons in several paragraphs.)

Question 2

Which of the four approaches in the Farley text do you think is the best for resolving problems of majority-minority inequality in education?  Why do you think it is the best approach? Provide details to demonstrate that you have read the Farley chapters thoroughly and understand them.

cited: Farley, J. (2012). Majority-Minority Relations (6th ed.), Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice   Hall,   Inc.

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