Quadratic Equation

Question 1

Write a program that solves a quadratic equation using the quadratic formula. The general quadratic equation is:

axx + bx + c = 0

The program should ask the user to enter values for a, b, and c. Next, it should calculate and print the solution to the standard output. For now you can assume a≠0

Your program should ask for values like that:

Please enter the values of a, b, and c respectively:

Depending on the discriminant, one of the following three results shall be printed:

There are 2 solutions.

The solutions are: <first_solution> and <second_solution>

There is 1 solution.

The solution is: <solution>

There is no solution.

Your program should use user-defined functions, one for computing the discriminant, and one for computing the quadratic formula itself.

Question 2

Suppose a local, private hospital established a goal of reducing its carbon footprint by 25 percent in three years. As a healthcare administrator at the facility, you are asked to help create a new Cut Carbon committee. Draft a statement of the purpose for the committee, describe how membership to the committee would be determined, who would be accountable for the progress of the committee, and to whom the committee would report. (Adapted from p. 122 of Management of Healthcare Organizations.)

Be sure to support your statements with logic and argument, citing any sources referenced.

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