Psychology Exam


1. For a particular sample of 63 scores on a psychology exam, the following results were obtained.

First quartile = 47

Third quartile = 81

Standard deviation = 11

Range = 68

Mean = 70

Median = 71

Mode = 77

Midrange = 55

Answer each of the following:

I. What score was earned by more students than any other score? Why?

II. What was the highest score earned on the exam?

III. What was the lowest score earned on the exam?

IV. According to Chebyshev’s Theorem, how many students scored between 48 and 92?

V. Assume that the distribution is normal. Based on the Empirical Rule, how many students scored between 59 and 81?


The following data lists the average monthly snowfall for January in 15 cities around the US: 25 19 21 14 24 30 28 33 32 44 25 43 5 20 42 Find the mean, variance, and standard deviation. Please show all of your work. 

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