Property Manager


A property manager should not give “welcome to the building” gifts to new tenants:

a.that cost more than $25, the legal limit

b.because such gifts are a form of illegal kickback

c.unless all tenants receive exactly the same gift

d.without the property owner’s prior authorization


A property manager’s rent collection records should include:

a.both a rental ledger and a rent roll

b.either a rental ledger or a rent roll

c.a rental ledger rather than a rent roll

d.a rent roll rather than a rental ledger


 A rental application form or packet should include: inquiry regarding race, ethnic background, familial status, and disability, to enable the manager to demonstrate Fair Housing Act compliance authorization for a citizenship status check, signed by the applicant, for Patriot Act compliance authorization for a credit check (and a criminal background check, if desired), signed by the applicant, for FCRA compliance authorization for entry without notice in emergencies, signed by the applicant, for URLTA compliance


A residential lease should be signed by:

a.everyone who will occupy the unit

b.all competent adults who will occupy the unit

c.only one competent adult, as the fully liable representative of all other occupants

d.only the occupant(s) who have accepted joint and several liability for the rent, at least one of whom must be a competent adult

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