Proper Nutrition

It is essential that pregnant women get proper nutrition for her and her growing baby. Write a healthy 1-day menu that would be appropriate for a woman that is in her third trimester. The menu should contain at least:2200 kcals71 grams of protein85 mg vitamin C1000 mg of calcium15 mcg of vitamin D27 mg of iron18 mg of niacin600 mcg of folate • 220 mcg of iodine • 1.4 mg of thiamin

Be sure to include serving sizes and don’t forget to include beverages.

Once you have written your menu, enter the foods into the SuperTracker at by following these directions:Go to foodrecord website and enter demographic information Enter everything on your menuOnce you have entered everything correctly, click on “Save & Analyze Day”Copy/paste your results to a Word document or print as PDF and save the document as:

YourName_PregnancyMenuSubmit your report to the dropbox in D2L

You will have 2 separate documents

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