Project Management Project

Week 5: Project Management Project

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Task Flow Network and Critical Path: In this section, arrange second-level WBS elements in the form of a task-flow network to determine various task dependencies. Determine the critical path along which necessary resources are allocated to achieve project objectives in the appropriate timeframe. Indicate earliest occurrence times and highlight the critical path. Project Schedule: For the project schedule, arrange second-level tasks on a timeline. Use a Gantt chart to illustrate the start and completion dates of each task. Take into consideration whether the tasks, due to task dependencies identified in the preceding task-flow network diagram, may be completed in parallel or must be done in serial.

Based off:

Background and Statement of Need Cinemark theaters are one of the world most popular theater franchises. However, the theater businesses is very competitive and in a world where technology is steadily on the rise it is important to make sure that you are prepare to cater to all society needs. Cinemark tries its best to keep up with what’s going on in society and what they think is a good asset to satisfy their potential customers. There is still room for more improvement and upgrades though. In this paper we will illustrate a project management plan for the advancement and improvement of Cinemark Theaters. The target improvements would involve the hardware installation –upgrading the screens, projectors, and seating to enhance the movie viewing experience. These improvements would be a good investment because it falls into the category of making the customer feel alright. They are paying their money and in return you want them to feel comfortable doing so. Upgrading the screens and projectors will enhance the movie features and work in conjunction with 3d,Imax, and all other digital components. As far as seating the seats would be upgrade to more luxurious seat and all there would be spaces designated for handicapped so that they want have to look around for a seat but instead go to designated area that is waiting for them. This management plan would be designed to treat everyone fairly and give everyone equal opportunities. At the completion of a successful project management plan Cinemark Theaters would be able to say that customers are truly satisfy with the service and are able to enjoy the movie at their home away from home.

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