Project Management Multiple Choice Questions

Question: The group that provides raw materials or resources that the project team needs to complete the project is

A  Top management

B  Intervenor groups

C  Suppliers

D  Functional managers

Question: The Liberal Arts faculty failed to see the reason that every professor on campus would not make exactly the same amount of money, arguing that every person is of equal value. The business faculty relied on the laws of supply and demand and market forces to guide their wages and couldn’t fathom why their counterparts could be such dunderheads. The source of conflict between these two groups is

A  Differentiation

B  Scarce resources

C  Uncertainty

D  Reward systems

Question: A checklist screening model does not consider

A  The riskiness of the new venture

B  Governmental or stakeholder interference

C  Whether one criterion is more important than another

D  Product durability and future market potential of the product line

Question: Scope management for a project begins with

A  A statement of goals

B  A configuration statement

C  A work package

D  An organization breakdown structure

Question: Client interest is typically at its lowest during the

A  Termination phase

B  Planning phase

C  Execution phase

D  Conceptualization phase

Question: The probability that a project will overrun its allocated duration is

A  Integration risk

B  Schedule risk

C  Price market risk

D  Volume market risk

Question: The probability that project revenues will not be sufficient to repay the debts is

A  Financial risk

B  Promotion risk

C  Market risk

D  Cost estimate risk

Question: The statement of work should contain

A  A brief and general description of the work to be performed

B  Expected project outcomes

C  Information on the key objectives for the project

D  All of these are elements of a statement of work

: A priori consideration of information needs is performed

A  Several years after a project is completed

B  At the start of a project

C  During the project

D  Before a project begins

Question: Michael wants to carry out his mentor’s long-range strategic vision of expanding the company’s customer base by entering the casino business in Las Vegas. He issues a series of memos that explain the importance of these projects and makes sure that all necessary resources are at the disposal of the project management team, which is fortunate to have such a(n)

A  Entrepreneur

B  Creative originator at the helm

C  Project manager

D  Godfather

Question: A project screening criterion that allows the company to compare long-term vs. short-term projects, projects with different technologies, and projects with different commercial objectives is

A  Capability

B  Realistic

C  Flexibility

D  Ease of use

Question: The authentic atmosphere that is vital for a project manager and team to function in can be described as

A  Exchange of purpose

B  A right to say no

C  Absolute honesty

D  Joint accountability

Question: Project management is first and foremost

A  A customer service challenge

B  A perception management challenge

C  A budget management challenge

D  A people management challenge

Question: Cletus thought they were draining the swamp, but Ace was convinced they were better off building a bridge across it. Their project team was doomed to failure owing to their

A  Unclear goals

B  Poorly defined team interdependencies

C  Lack of motivation

D  Poorly defined team roles

Question: Which statement about stakeholders is best?

A  Stakeholders can potentially impact project development

B  Stakeholders are external to a company

C  By definition, clients are not stakeholders, they are customers

D  Stakeholders wield considerable power

Question: Which statement regarding project selection is best?

A  Every decision model has both objective and subjective factors

B  Before selecting any project, the team should identify all the relevant issues that play a role in project selection

C  Organizational reality can be perfectly captured by most decision-making models

D  Decision models must contain either objective or subjective factors

Question: One practical step that should be taken in order for an organization to begin developing a core of project management professionals is to

A  Review instances where projects were poorly managed

B  Fire the unprofessional project managers

C  Formalize the organization’s commitment with training programs

D  Hire professional project managers

Question: The simple scoring model has this advantage over a checklist model for screening projects.

A  Scaling models allow decision makers to treat one criterion as more important than another

B  Scaling models ensure a reasonable link between the selected and weighted criteria and the business objectives that motivated their selection

C  Scaling models have been proven to make correct decisions better than 95 percent of the time while checklists only achieve 80 percent accuracy

D  Scaling from 1 to 5 is extremely accurate

Question: A strategic element that contains formally titled initiatives such as the Customer Survey Project, the Small Business Alliance Project, and the Employee Relations Project is most likely a

A  Mission

B  Program

C  Strategy

D  Goal

Question: A matrix organization for project management has a distinct advantage because

A  Dual hierarchies mean two bosses

B  Workers must reconcile competing project and functional demands

C  A significant amount of time is spent negotiating the sharing of critical resources

D  Project importance is enhanced by setting authority equal to that of functional departments

Question: In the case of projects developed for external clients, work authorization typically addresses

A  Audit trail establishment

B  Budget linkage

C  Contractual obligations

D  Resource requirements

Question: The construction foreman posted a large sign requiring all worksite visitors to don a hard hat and safety glasses. He also purchased copious quantities of both items and made them readily available at the entrance. The foreman is engaged in

A  Analysis of probability and consequences

B  Risk mitigation

C  Risk identification

D  Control and documentation

Question: A business reality that makes effective project management critical is the fact that

A  Product launch windows are widening

B  Product life cycles are compressing

C  Products are becoming increasingly simple

D  Inflation is rampant

Question: The first step in the Analytical Hierarchy Process

A  Requires “Saatyfication” of the team members

B  Requires supporting requirements to be combined into Level II challenges

C  Is analyzing the process you intend to improve before undertaking any improvement project

D  Consists of constructing a hierarchy of criteria and subcriteria

Question: Projects are often underfunded in the concept stage because

A  There is complete trust in project managers by top management, so more resources can be asked for at any time

B  The project requirements were deliberately understated

C  The project’s goals are too clearly defined

D  The project’s top management sponsor is too influential

Question: Organizational structure identifies the grouping of individuals into

A  Organizations

B  Silos

C  Departments

D  Companies

Question: You have agreed to paint your neighbor’s house a lovely shade of chartreuse for $1,500 and discover, much to your dismay, that the house has a second floor. Now you’re faced with the prospect of buying a ladder or scaffolding or a really long handled brush, not to mention the 15 more gallons of paint that will be needed to cover. You won’t get another penny for what will surely be increased efforts since your neighbor transferred risk with a(n)

A  Cost-plus contract

B  Contingency reserve

C  Inflation clause

D  Fixed price contract

Question: A splendid way to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of virtual teams is to

A  Mandate audio and video in all electronic communication

B  Use email most of the time, since the printed word is rarely misinterpreted

C  Restrict team members to audio communication

D  Have them meet face to face

Question: The degree of innovation and creativity is typically at its highest during the

A  Execution phase

B  Termination phase

C  Conceptualization phase

D  Planning phase

Question: The degree of risk associated with the project is typically at its highest during the

A  Conceptualization phase

B  Planning phase

C  Execution phase

D  Termination phase

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