Project Development

Expected Project outcomes
The ability to design/analyze a research problem and express your ideas/thoughts on what you have learned
from it is a skill that you want to enhance from this course project. The primary goals of this course project
 Conduct original research on a problem of interest in computer security
 Develop project development and documentation writing expertise employing scientific style and vocabulary
 Demonstrate your work to other teams via presentations

Please read the requirement and do what the teacher ask

you have to do 8-12 pages for the final report and do the Project Presentation : this Use power point slides and live demos (if applicable) for the


please read the project requirement file and do the same for the Final Report and the Project Presentation

1-Final Report (20%): Each team need to prepare a nal report based on the feedback received from the
instructor. You need to include any new work performed since you submitted the previous draft.
Your nal report should be prepared as per the following guidelines – (i) report should be between
8-12 pages in IEEE Conference-Style format, (ii) use 10pt Times New Roman font, (ii) report should
be organized into proper sections, starting with abstract, followed by introduction, problem statement
and model, a description of the existing work along with their pros and cons (if applicable), the main
contributions of this project in detail, conclusions and references at the end. You may include tables
and gures, but include a caption for each one of them.
Make sure you review the nal report carefully for style, consistency, and accuracy before submission.
Upload your nal report as a single le on Canvas. If there are other les (e.g., programs you have
implemented) that you want to submit apart from the nal report, then put everything in a folder and
upload it as a zip le.
2- Project Presentation (10%): Each team needs to demonstrate their project work by giving presen-
tations. Please plan for a 12-15 minutes presentation. You will be expected to present your work
in a concise and informative manner. Use power point slides and live demos (if applicable) for the
presentations. The last one or two weeks of the semester is reserved for project presentations (exact
schedule will be posted later).

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