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Group Project

 Monitoring and Controlling Project Risks

 New content of 3–4 pages, Project Status Report, and zip file of application project


For this week’s assignment, your group will continue working on the project and provide a progress report. Your group will also demonstrate your progress on the coding efforts with a working application that has substantial functionality and a well-documented source code.

Assignment Details:

  • Project Status Report: Prepare a summary document that includes the following:
    • Provide a Summary of Work Completed that identifies specific tasks in the project plan. Include identification of the specific work that was completed by each individual on the team. This summary should address technical coding progress to assist in review of the code.
    • Discuss issues that were encountered in the work and how your team has decided to address the issues. These could be technical coding and implementation issues or other issues that impeded progress.
    • Summarize progress against the schedule, and discuss how the team has decided to work through delays (if any) so that the project would remain on-track for timely completion.
    • Challenge Topic: Include a summary of how the team has been monitoring and controlling risks encountered thus far in the project.
  • Application Deliverable: Prepare a build of your application that meets the following requirements:
    • The application should include a well-defined interface that meets the requirements of the application that were defined in the design document.
    • The application should include a full definition of the required classes. Class definitions should include properties, constructors, accessors, and methods.
    • The application should include at least 50% of the major functionality that was required and defined in the design document.
    • Code should be well-commented and notes should identify areas that still need to be completed.
  • Zip the entire project and the Project Status Report together in a file named SWE482_GP3.ZIP
  • Submit the zipped file for grading.

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