Program Placement

Question 1

Below are 2 different discussion questions. Each question need at least one reference. The response for each question need to be at least 250 words or longer.

  1. Research the assessment process for ELL students in your state. What is the process your district goes through to properly identify students for ESL program placement? (Mississippi)
  2. Planning for effective instruction is the key to academic success for students. Using data to inform instruction is a regular process. Discuss how teachers can use longitudinal data along with other formative classroom assessments to design effective instruction.

Question 2

Write a four to five page essay describing your philosophical understanding of the role, scope and functional mission of community colleges in the 21st century. Do you think the community college is able to fulfill the promise of access and quality? How successful are community colleges in remedial/developmental efforts? Given what you have found out about the remedial/developmental success rates, should the community college maintain an open door policy?

!!!!! APA FORMAT !!!!!

!!!!! NO PLAGIARISM !!!!!

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