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1. Simplify the following expression: sin 4x cos 3x + sin 3x cos 4x

2. Use half-angle formulas to solve the given problem. Find tanx if sin (x/2)=24/26 *x represents the angle sign-looks like a 0 with a line across the middle.

3. Solve the following trig. equation analytically (using identities if necessary for exact values if possible) for values of x. for 0<=x,2pi. sin 20x cos 19x – cos 20x sin 19x=0

4. Write down the meaning of the equation. y=7cos^-1(8x-7)

5. Explain how to transform tan^2x cos^2x + cot^2x sin^2x into 1 *x represents the angle sign

6. Find the function and graph it for a function of the form y=4cos(2x-c) that passes through (pi/3,2) and for which c has the smallest possible value.


This Question is about articles involving probability.

Do a web search and find an article from an online source such as an online newspaper, magazine, or book.
Ø Post the site link.
Ø Write three probability problems that can be answered from the data in the article. Include a detailed solution to each problem.

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