Professional Opinions

Question 1
1: Read about sugars

  • Write a one page paper explaining the differences between natural sugars and added sugars

Step 2: Choose 5 foods items with food labels

  • List the ingredients
  • Find ALL of the added sugars hidden in the ingredient list and highlight them

You may include pictures of the food labels

Step 3: Save and Submit your assignment

Question 2

“Every since my doctor put me on this crazy diet, I’ve been feeling hungry and exhausted. This morning I’m sitting in the lunch room on my break, and I actually doze off and start dreaming about food! Maureen, one of the girls I work with, comes in and has to wake me up! I told her what’s been going on with me, and she thinks I should start taking some B-vitamins so I stay healthy while I’m on the diet. She says B-vitamins are the most important because they give you energy. Maybe after work I’ll stop off at the drugstore and buy some. If the give you energy, maybe they’ll make it easier to stick to my diet, too.”

Is Judy’s coworker correct when she asserts that B-vitamins “give you energy”? Either way, do you think it’s likely that Judy needs to take B-vitamin supplements to ensure that she “stays healthy” while she is on her prescribed diet? Why or why not? Finally, could taking B-vitamins help Judy stick to her diet?

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