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** you may pick whatever source you find appropriate such as TV-adds, magazine …etc, but please keep it PG-13 .

** detailed assignment is attached .Also a sample is included in the same word docAttachment preview

 Advertisement Review   

Critically evaluate a food- or nutrition-related
advertisement. The advertisement can be
from television, magazine, newspaper, or internet.  You
may use the Internet to research the product being sold. Be sure to include the following in your

1. How the advertisement attempts
to influence food choices. 

2. What audience is being

3. What attributes of the product
are emphasized?  

4. What mechanism is used to hold
your attention?  

5. How factual is the information?

6. What is used to lend
credibility to advertiser’s claims?  

7. What part of the truth remains

8. How effective is the



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