Process Map

The right teams are crucial to resolving issues and problems for the organization to maintain customer confidence and to sustain business operations. Six Sigma teams are responsible for investigating, analyzing, and finding effective solutions to problems. Six Sigma teams also identify potential process failure modes before they negatively affect customer relationships. Six Sigma teams are comprised of people who have knowledge of the process or problem, and who are closest to the problem or process. The team also includes a few managers to help put any changes into effect.

Six Sigma teams work on each step and phase of a Six Sigma project. In Unit 1, we selected a topic and created a Charter. In this unit, we will build a Six Sigma team, and we will develop a process map.

Six Sigma Process Maps provide a clear picture of how the people complete the work. Creating a process map allows Six Sigma Teams to understand the process, how steps are performed in the process, and areas of the process that need improvement.


Assume you are assigned to lead your Six Sigma project that you started in Unit 1. You must select your team members. Your team will be responsible for developing the Process Map.

  • Identify and discuss 3 to 5 key processes for your defective product or service that you discussed in Unit 1. You will use these key processes, inputs and outputs in your Unit 2 lab assignment.
  • Identify five people you want on your team. Consider your topic. What workers are involved in this process? Include one manager who oversees this department.
    • Justify why you selected each worker to be on your team

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