Prison Gangs

You are required to write a 10-page minimum paper on any Institutional Corrections topic you choose. Topics can include but are not limited to: prison gangs, re-entry, death penalty, special populations (elderly, mentally ill, terminally ill, physically handicapped, homosexuals, etc.), juveniles, prison management, prison life, females, victims and families of the incarcerated.

In this paper, take any perspective on Institutional Corrections. Be thorough. You need to also include a service learning portion which will consist of half of your grade. Whatever the topic, speak with or interview a professional, paraprofessional or someone with firsthand experience in that particular field or area. Your paper should include the information gained from the conversation or interview as the service learning portion. Written articles and publications are fine, but I am looking for you to gain the freshest and most “real-life” application on your topic of choice. Additionally, include at least 3 scholarly articles; Wikipedia is prohibited.

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